Public, Private or ‘Private Private’

Do you have the right information barriers?

MNPI White Paper

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, the FCA and the SEC have reiterated both their expectation that private information be handled appropriately and their requirement for firms to maintain adequate and appropriate information barriers.

As we move into, and through, the second half of 2020, it is anticipated that deal flow in the private markets space will pick up. With the various state-aid programs coming to an end, or at a minimum winding down, firms may look to fill that potential funding gap with new loan facilities via the direct lending option.

In our latest white paper, we examine:

  • The potential vulnerabilities that COVID-19 and associated work from home orders place on the handling of MNPI and the importance of compliance officers reviewing their information barriers 
  • The Regulatory bit: EU Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) – “inside information”
  • The Public vs Private Debate: Inside information vs Confidential information vs Price Sensitive Information
  • How to operate with differing levels of Private Information and coming into contact with “Confidential” or “Price-Sensitive” information
  • Recommendations on how to adapt and achieve compliance in ‘new normal’ working environments as the financial industry continues to navigate the COVID-19 blighted landscape