Complimentary, one-time review

Transaction and trade reporting accuracy under MiFIR or EMIR

We have found that many firms either do not know where to start with their monitoring of reporting or are operating under the misconception that their reporting is correct without performing meaningful monitoring.   

Our complimentary analysis will help you get an independent overview of the health of your reporting framework. It includes a summary report identifying, among other things, the percentage of reports submitted that include an error.  

Our experience tells us that the vast majority of firms have errors in their reports, and these often go unnoticed for months or years which can significantly increase the cost and burden of re-reporting when they are finally identified.   

To take advantage of this complimentary analysis, your firm simply needs to provide its market data processing (MDP) or transaction reporting (TR) files. This can be supplemented, with regular data analysis and assurance featuring additional validations and consulting support to identify which reports are affected by errors identified, or one-off or regular systems and controls reviews to identify potential weaknesses in your arrangements. See ourTrade and Transaction Reporting pagefor further details.   

The complimentary analysis can be turned around within a week of your provision of the data files.  

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